Data Integration

InBody System Experts can help you safely integrate data from your InBody device to your system, with an integration method that meets your system requirements.

Review Your Data Management Policies First.

You can integrate data from your InBody device to your system using one of two options:

Before getting started, review your organization’s data management policies to determine which option is right for you.

1. Data Integration via InBody Cloud Server – All Products

All InBody devices can upload data to the InBody Cloud Server. You can then send your data from the Cloud to your system through a Web API. Using this method will minimize your development work. Remember to review your company’s data management policies before proceeding.

-Web API

There are two API options available, OTP API or Subscription API, depending on your budget, data storage needs, and your users’ InBody App usage. Contact an InBody System Expert to learn more.

2. Data Integration via Direct Linkage with Products – Professional InBody,
Blood Pressure Monitor, Stadiometer

Data can be sent from your InBody Professional Body Composition Analyzer to your system through a connected personal computer/laptop and software. Make sure your personal computer/laptop is right next to the InBody device to integrate data.

A. Open Protocol

You can develop software that connects your InBody device to a personal computer/laptop through Serial, USB, LAN, and Wi-Fi. Data can then be uploaded or sent to your server through your personal computer/laptop. InBody supports Medical Protocol HL7.

B. LookinBody120

LB120, a Windows compatible data management program, allows you to save data from your InBody Professional Body Composition Analyzer to your personal computer/laptop as a CSV or Results Sheet IMG file at the time of data creation. You can then develop software for your system to accept the CSV or Results Sheet IMG file from LB120. CSV and IMG files can be sent to your system from LB120 by Web API. LB120 supports Medical Protocols HL7 and GDT.


LBS, a Windows compatible data integration program, allows you to communicate data through Windows Messages to your system. LBS supports C#, Java, and Python languages.

2.1 Data Integration via Direct Linkage with Products –Pressure Monitor, Stadiometer

If you only use a Blood Pressure Monitor and/or Stadiometer, you can still integrate the data collected with your system. A personal computer/laptop must be next to your InBody device, running software that can integrate the data into your system.

A. Open Protocol
B. LB Link
C. LB Link M
D. Custom Built Data Solution

Data Integration Enquiry

If you need help integrating your InBody data to your system or you want to learn more about LookinBody Co. custom built data solutions, click the button below to contact an InBody Systems Expert.

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