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InBodyDial H30

InBodyDial H30 is a state-of-the-art at-home scale. By placing an increased emphasis on the importance of whole-body composition over weight, this device will provide you with valuable, accurate insights that are derived from the same BIA technology used in all of our professional devices. Plus, you’ll get personalized results in seconds from the comfort of your own home.

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Estimating total body weight is typical of consumer scales. Traditionally, this measurement is a combination of values for your Lean Body Mass, Body Fat Mass, and Body Water.

Skeletal Muscle Mass

Using body composition analysis to determine Skeletal Muscle Mass can show you how to maintain healthy levels that will allow you to improve mobility, posture, and immunity.

Percent Body Fat

Understanding Percent Body Fat (PBF) is valuable because it tells you how much fat makes up your total body weight, making it a more accurate health metric than weight or BMI.


Calculating BMI using height and weight does not account for differences in fat vs muscle loss. To accurately understand whole-body wellness, review body composition metrics.

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